NEWS Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2024 – Grand City Convention and Exhibition Surabaya, Indonesia – July 2-5, 2024

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The Steering committee of Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2024 and World Aquaculture Society wish all a Happy New Year 2024 to all our partners and supporters to help organize APA2024 event in Indonesia. The APA2024 international event will be held at the Grand City Hall Convention and Exhibition Centre Surabaya , Indonesia from July 2-5, 2024. We are inviting all international aquaculture experts from industry, academia, and governments to participate in this exceptional event, and we expected over a thousand participants from the Asian Pacific Region and around the world. As a kind Reminder, please note that the deadline for Submission of Papers for presentations at APA24 is extended to February 29, 2024.

An exciting program will be offered at Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2024 for participants to learn more about Indonesia’s aquaculture. Those residing or living in Asian Pacific countries qualify for a special discounted registration rate for the full conference at APA24. To receive for this special rate, you must reside in an Asian Pacific country, for students you must be a full-time college or university student and provide a copy of your student ID upon request. To register at this rate, please go to our website at and choose “Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2024” on the webpage and fill in
the registration form. Alternatively, you may contact us to complete your registration.

Student Travel Award

WAS-APC is excited to announce the Student Awards. The number of WAS-APC members is increasing every year at a fast rate and therefore the Award Committee of the WAS-APC is taking this task of picking up young talents with great enthusiasm. All students submitting an abstract and presenting a poster or an oral presentation will be evaluated. Applications close on 29th February 2024.

More information can contact WAS-APC secretariat officer at:

The three categories for Awards are:

• 1. Pre-conference Student Travel Awards – Best three abstract awards (judged on abstract) –
400 USD each

• 2. Presentation (2) and Poster (2) awards for Students (judged during the conference) with 600
USD and 400 USD

• 3. Travel Award for Women’s Participation: 600 USD for 2 women. Any general enquiries and questions about the Student Awards should be referred to Dr. Bibha Kumari, President-Elect of the WAS-APC and Chair of the Award committee – email:

For inquiries about the Travel Award for Women, contact Dr. Fanny Yasumaru, Student Director of the WAS-APC- email: fyasumaru@a44384777

Find more information on the event for the registration, exhibition, farm tour, hotel information, and more on or contact
For conference and registration contact John Cooksey at:
For trade show and sponsorship contact Mario Stael at :

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